About the Elemental Press
by Chet Novicki of Gigabooks

I'd like to say it all began with Gigabooks, but actually Lissa already had some bookbinding experience when she ordered her first binding press from us. It didn't take her long to become a fan of this method of making paperbacks though. In no time at all she was using her Gigabooks press to turn out beautiful address books and journals, and laminated bookmarks,  featuring her own spectacular photographs on the covers. And so was born Lissa's company, The Elemental Press.

In addition to producing her hand-bound address books and journals, and laminated bookmarks, Lissa makes custom journals (using either her own photos or those supplied by the client). 

She has also started a new line of books. These books cannot be purchased from ANY book store. Why? Because they are the story of YOUR life. She has made graduation books, tribute books, and birthday celebration books. Each of these focuses on an individual and are a compilation of writings and photographs which highlight the life of one individual. You don't have to be famous to have a bound book about your life ... just contact Lissa and she will do one especially for you or your loved one.

Lissa's Journals and Address Books 
Lissa welcomes custom orders! Give her a ring at (303) 926-1890 or e-mail
Lissa@TheElemental Press.com


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