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"I am truly enjoying reading your book. At about page 47, 

I couldn’t stand it any longer, I grabbed my spiral notepad 

and started writing like crazy! Thanks for inspiring me." 

~Karen Reddick, NAWW, Centennial, CO


Why Put Your Life in Writing?


Do it for yourself

Do it for your siblings

Do it for your children

Do it for someone who loves you



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  Who are the people in Dad's photo album?

  What were Mom's greatest aspirations?

  Why did we move so often? 

  Why didn't we ever leave this town?

  What did my grandfather do for a living?

  What were their favorite hobbies?

  How am like them? How am I different?


Do you ever find yourself asking such questions? Wouldn't it be nice if you could ask now and get the answers? You could at least fill in some blanks if the stories had been captured while your relatives were alive.


Do you want your family, your children, asking similar questions?


You may not get all the answers, but there is learning simply in the asking.


Benefits of writing your life story:


  Heal the past

  Leave a legacy

  Learn what you hold dear

  Pass on your values to family members

  Honor and acknowledge the life you've lived

  You won't leave loved ones  holding the bag of



Lissa Ann Forbes, of The Elemental Press, has a way of encouraging you to dig deep and find the highlights of your life. She has over 30 years experience journaling and is the author of 


Write from the Inside: Dig for Treasures, 

Discover Yourself, Leave a Legacy


She's all about story ~ truth, discovery, learning lessons, gaining perspective.


Her finished product is a softcover, handbound book, but there are other ways ~ legal pads, 3-ring notebooks, fancy journals, audio and video.


Dig for your own treasures.

Find your own gold.

Enjoy the journey!


Write from the Inside 

is the latest addition 

to my family!


Click on the image to watch the video

Lissa ~ conquering the world already at two years old. 



Who is the lady in the feather hat? And the boy? My Dad and his Mom. 1918

That's my Mom with her golf club ... sure do wish I knew more about her. 1962

"I've got her figured out. Lissa runs a healing service 

masquerading as a small publishing company."


~ Bob Bennett, Toastmasters, Lafayette, CO

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